Do you charge per photo file?

I do not charge for individual digital downloads. The rate includes my time during the session/event as well as the finest shots from the session/event. The images will be provided to you as digital files that you can download from a gallery that I will provide to you. The files will be high resolution so you have the correct size for proper development.

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Does the rate include prints?

No, my rate includes the digital files (high resolution jpegs) only. Printing would be a separate cost. See next question regarding printing.

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Where do I print my photos?

Since you’ll have access to the digital photos, you can print at your favorite photo processing store or site. I’d also be happy to recommend a high quality printer with very reasonable prices that I like to use. If you choose to go that route, I can send you a price list and I can either create the order for you or walk you through the process. I will also provide you with a the necessary photographer print release if you choose to develop any of your images.

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Can I share my photos with family and friends?

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Yes, you can share the gallery of images I give you with family and friends, therefore, they too can download the photos they’d like to have. It is important that my clients have the ability to share their memories with their loved ones.

What should we wear?

I always want my clients to be comfortable, but I also understand if you’d like to coordinate your wardrobe accordingly. In the summer, light colors and pastels always work well. Tan, ivory, blush, mint and gray hues also always blend nicely for spring/summer styles. White colored clothing is okay, however personally, I think they get a bit lost in some black/white variations. For fall, richer color palettes like navy, gold, red/maroon and cream pop when against fall foliage and landscapes. I would avoid loud patterns and logos overall. Also, wear clothes that fit, you don’t want to fuss with bulky clothes, tucking in, pulling down or fixing during a session. Being comfortable is key because if you aren’t comfortable in your outfit, you won’t be comfortable during the session.

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How do you donate?

After payment is received and deposited, I will go online and donate 25% of the fee (so $100 for family photography, $125 for event photography) to Meals on Wheels Chicago ( I will then forward the proof of donation to you via email.

Do the photos come in color or black/white?

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I provide a mix of both color and black/white options in your gallery. If you’d like a photo to be edited to be either color and/or black and white, I can make those edits for you. All editing of photos taken by me will be done by me.