Specializing in families, kids and lifestyle photography. I love taking family portraits and candid photos of any kind because capturing these unscripted moments are priceless. My style consists of both color and black/white photography, and I provide my clients with a mix of both depending on the shot. In addition to family photos, I’m happy to partake in other events in people’s lives, whether it's a party, time with your pet(s) or any other occasion (except weddings) or moment you’d like to document. I’m here to help.

Serving the Chicago North Shore as well as surrounding areas and available during the week and weekends. I understand how eventful life can be, so I’m happy to accommodate and be available per your busy schedule.

NOTE: I am booked up for September, October through November 10th. Please contact me to be put on my waitlist in case of cancellations. Thank you.

2019 Rates

I have a flat rate fee of $400, which includes an up to 60 minute session, a location or two (within the same area) and about 20-75 slightly retouched digital files of the finest shots from the session. 

For events, my flat rate is $500, which includes the time up to 2.5 to 3 hours at the event and about 125-200 slightly retouched digital files of the finest shots from the event. Events can include birthday celebrations (I’ve done birthdays from 1 to 100 year olds), bridal showers, engagements, private parties, (except weddings) etc. Please inquire on what kind of event you’d like photographed.

My clients receive an email to view the images in an online gallery (within 6 to 10 days) and will have the option to download all your high-resolution images directly. I believe in sharing these memories with others, therefore, the gallery is set up so you can share with your family, friends and/or guests of the event and they can download the photos they’d also like to have.

It is my policy to allow my clients to enjoy the photos, therefore, I do not charge for individual digital downloads, the digital photos are included in my rate. These are your memories and it is my job to capture them, and yours to enjoy. 

I’d be happy to recommend a high quality printer of your favorite photos and send you a price list. I will also provide you with a print release if you choose to develop photos at your preferred photo processing store or site.

If there is a location that requires a fee to use the space/location, that will be an additional cost to the session rate. If there is a specific photo(s) that may require heavy retouching, additional fees will apply. If a family photography session is planned to exceed 60 minutes, additional fees will apply. If an event is to go longer than 3 hours, additional fees will apply.

I do not offer mini-sessions.

I accept all credit cards, personal checks and Venmo. 

Giving Back

Every week, I volunteer at an assisted living facility to help older residents. I enjoy spending time with the elderly listening to their stories and giving them some company, and it's been a passion of mine for over 5 years now. It’s my way of giving back to the community, and I’d like to give back as part of my business model as well.

TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of my services will go to Meals on Wheels Chicago (a member of Meals on Wheels America), which will provide 30 meals for senior citizens people with disabilities.